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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates bandsaw to saw curved or irregular designs on woodstock or to saw thick wooden pieces to size: Turns handwheels to adjust machine bed and set tension on blade between drive and idler wheels of bandsaw.

  • 2) Turns knobs to adjust guide post of blade, according to thickness of stock, and to position friction wheel behind blade to prevent backward movement of blade when cutting stock.

  • 3) Positions jig or attachment on machine bed to cut stock to size, using C-clamps and wrenches.

  • 4) Starts machine and pushes or turns stock against bandsaw blade to cut stock along marked outline or configuration of jig.

  • 5) Removes cut stock and verifies dimensions of stock, using rule, caliper, and pattern.

  • 6) Opens drive and idler wheel covers and turns handwheels to loosen tension on bandsaw blade to replace dull or defective blades.

  • 7) May nail several pieces of woodstock together when one design is to be cut.

  • 8) May position template on woodstock and mark cutting outline on stock, using pencil and template.




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