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Job Description:

  • 1) Assembles balls from rubber, rubber impregnated fabrics, and leather, on wax-ball lasts, using handtools: Places wax-ball last in holding fixture and brushes on cement.

  • 2) Presses and smooths rubber impregnated fabric panels on last in specified pattern to cover ball last, leaving space for door opening flap for wax removal.

  • 3) Repeats operation, cementing on specified number of plies to form basketball carcass.

  • 4) Inserts bladder into carcass through door opening and inflates to specified pressure.

  • 5) Aligns flaps of door to matching edges of carcass, brushes on cement, and presses flaps down to close door.

  • 6) Brushes cement on molded carcass or receives cemented carcass.

  • 7) Inspects wet adhesive for dried lumps and missed spaces.

  • 8) Aligns precut leather or rubber panels between raised ribs of molded carcass.

  • 9) Presses and smooths panels onto carcass to complete assembly of basketball.

  • 10) Cuts off air valve nipple flush with ball, using scissors or knife.

  • 11) Paints stripes along false seams, using brush and ink.

  • 12) Waxes balls, using paste wax and damp cloth.

  • 13) Buffs ball surface, using power buffer.

  • 14) Affixes decals to balls and labels balls, using stencil and spray gun.

  • 15) May fabricate and repair rubber or plastic ball bladders.

  • 16) May repair returned, worn, or damaged basketballs by putting in new carcasses or repanelling old carcasses.

  • 17) May specialize in one phase of assembly and be designated Carcass Assembler; Door Closer; Leather Coverer; or according to type of ball as Basketball Assembler; Soccer Ball Assembler; Volleyball Assembler.




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Job Number: 545