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Job Description:

  • 1) Sells articles at auction to highest bidder: Appraises merchandise before sale and assembles merchandise in lots according to estimated value of individual pieces or type of article.

  • 2) Selects article to be auctioned at suggestion of bidders or by own choice.

  • 3) Appraises article and determines or asks for starting bid.

  • 4) Describes merchandise and gives information about article, such as history and ownership, in order to encourage bidding.

  • 5) Continues to ask for bids, attempting to stimulate buying desire of bidders.

  • 6) Closes sale to highest bidder.

  • 7) May write auction catalog and advertising copy for local or trade newspapers and periodicals.

  • 8) May be designated according to property auctioned as Auctioneer, Art; Auctioneer, Automobile; Auctioneer, Furniture; Auctioneer, Livestock; Auctioneer, Real Estate; Auctioneer, Tobacco.




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End Of Job Description for: "AUCTIONEER"
DOT:   294.257-010

Job Number: 407