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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following assembly line tasks to assemble structural parts, such as metal sashes, doors, windows, and window screens, using handtools and portable power tools: Assembles frame components, such as tops, bottoms, sides, panels, and molding in jigs or fixtures.

  • 2) Smooths edges of components to obtain specified fit, using grinder or file.

  • 3) Punches or drills holes for fastening, using hole punch or power drill.

  • 4) Aligns holes and screws or bolts frame components together, using screwdriver or wrench.

  • 5) Positions hardware, such as locks, hinges, catches, and swivels on frame and fastens hardware to frame, using screwdriver, nut runner, and hand riveter.

  • 6) Cuts screens to specified size, using measuring jig and hand shears.

  • 7) Positions screen over frame and secures screen in groove, using disk roller.

  • 8) Spreads glue, putty, or plastic compound on frame and positions precut glass panes into frame.

  • 9) Rolls plastic or metal spline into groove and trims excess spline, using knife, or crimps edges of groove to hold screen or glass in place, using crimping tool.

  • 10) Assembles components of lock, such as bolts, washers, and spring.

  • 11) Inspects workpiece to detect scratches or burs.

  • 12) Positions workpiece in measuring jig to verify dimensions.

  • 13) May lay out reference points for drilling holes in frame members, using template, rule, and square.

  • 14) May cut channels and molding to specified length, using pinch cutter, shears, or cuttoff saw.

  • 15) May cut glass to specified size, using glass cutter.

  • 16) May be designated according to part assembled as Channel Installer; Door-Lock Installer; Frame Assembler; Hardware Installer; Kick-Plate Installer; Screen Installer; Spliner.




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End Of Job Description for: "ASSEMBLER, PRODUCTION LINE"
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Job Number: 350