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Job Description:

  • 1) Assembles bicycles, using handtools and portable power tools: Positions head of frame in drill press and pulls lever to drill holes for name plate.

  • 2) Fastens name plate to frame, using brads and hammer.

  • 3) Positions frame in hydraulic press and pulls lever to press bushings in head and hanger of frame.

  • 4) Positions frame on post and attaches kickstand to frame, using retaining pin and pliers.

  • 5) Slides sprocket and cone onto crank and inserts crank assembly in frame.

  • 6) Turns locknut to secure crank assembly in frame, using wrench.

  • 7) Positions and secures drive chain, using snap-on tool.

  • 8) Installs front fork assembly, using air wrench and lock pliers.

  • 9) Positions fender and brace in riveting machine and depresses pedal to rivet brace to fender.

  • 10) Bolts fender assembly to frame, using air wrench.

  • 11) Positions wheels in front and rear fork assemblies and secures wheels to frame, using air wrench.

  • 12) Fingers spokes to verify tension and tightens or loosens spokes, using nipple wrench.

  • 13) Bolts seat post to frame, using air wrench.

  • 14) May examine finished bicycle for defects in paint finish and assembly.




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End Of Job Description for: "ASSEMBLER, BICYCLE I"
DOT:   806.684-014

Job Number: 303