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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends bituminous distributor on rear of road-oiling truck that sprays tar, asphalt, road oils, and emulsions over highways, streets, and parking areas: Snaps or screws on spray bars to attain required width of spray.

  • 2) Turns valve to regulate flow of material at specified rate.

  • 3) Moves levers to adjust height of spray bar from road surfaces.

  • 4) Signals ROAD-OILING-TRUCK DRIVER or ASPHALT-PAVING-MACHINE OPERATOR to start and stop truck or paving machine.

  • 5) Observes distribution of material over road surface to ensure uniform distribution.

  • 6) Turns handwheels to set angle and depth of screed.

  • 7) Verifies depth specifications of compacted asphalt, using depth gauge.

  • 8) Monitors flow gauges, tachometer, and temperature gauge.

  • 9) Oils and lubricates equipment.




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End Of Job Description for: "ASPHALT-DISTRIBUTOR TENDER"
DOT:   853.665-010

Job Number: 267