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Job Description:

  • 1) Cuts out and assembles materials, such as fabric, wood, and paper, performing any combination of following tasks to make artificial foliage, such as flowers, wreaths, and trees: Cuts out flower parts, such as leaves and petals from paper, fabric, or plastic, using handtools, such as scissors, knives, hammers, and dies.

  • 2) Stamps out flower parts with hand operated or power driven machine.

  • 3) Places roll of material on spindle of machine that automatically forms artificial flower stems.

  • 4) Prints veining on artificial leaves, using stamps and handpress.

  • 5) Dips flowers into specified dye and squeezes out excess dye, using hands.

  • 6) Fastens twigs and buds to steel wire to form branches by hand or using twisting machine.

  • 7) Wires or glues flower parts to stem or branch.

  • 8) Fastens artificial flowers and foliage to wreath stand and inserts cones and grass decorations to form artificial wreath.

  • 9) May wrap stems with green and brown paper to effect natural appearance.

  • 10) May be designated according to product produced as Wreath And Garland Maker, Hand; or shape artificial flower petals from fabric, using tweezers, heated metal ball, and wooden form, and be designated Petal Shaper, Hand.




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