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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates machines to cut arch cushions from sponge rubber sheeting for rubber footwear, using either of following methods: Selects die plate or drum to produce specified size cushions and bolts die in feeder slide or locks die in cradle, using wrenches.

  • 2) Turns setscrews to adjust distance between hold-down roller, belt knife, and plate or drum, verifying clearances, using feeler gauges.

  • 3) Pulls plate length of sheeting from roll, cuts material, using knife, and places sheeting on die plate.

  • 4) Moves lever to open suction valve that draws rubber sheeting into die plate cavities.

  • 5) Depresses pedal causing sheeting on plate to be carried through belt knife to cut cushions flush with plate surface.

  • 6) Returns plate to starting position.

  • 7) Removes excess stock for scrap or turns over salvable stock for second cut.

  • 8) Removes cut out cushion from die cavity and throws into storage box.

  • 9) Mounts roll of sheeting in cradle, threads around hold-down and guide rollers, over rotary die drum and belt knife, and onto takeup reel.

  • 10) Starts automatic machine to cut cushion from sheeting.

  • 11) Positions carton under discharge end of conveyor to catch cushions.

  • 12) Weighs filled cartons to count number of cushions, using conversion chart, and adds or removes cushions to obtain specified amount.




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DOT:   690.682-010

Job Number: 224