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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates steam-heated conveyor press that molds and vulcanizes uncured sponge rubber to form arch cushions for rubber footwear: Reads work ticket to determine number of molds and blanks required for each style and size cushion.

  • 2) Notifies CALENDER OPERATOR of stock thickness and DIE CUTTER of dies to use and amounts of blanks needed.

  • 3) Selects required number of molds and baskets of blanks and supplies them to workers.

  • 4) Starts conveyor press and turns valves to regulate heat of vulcanizing plates.

  • 5) Turns handwheel to adjust distance between vulcanizing plates and molds, using feeler gauge.

  • 6) Directs workers engaged in positioning blanks in mold cavities and in removing molded cushions.

  • 7) Observes operations and examines finished product for defects, such as lumps, pits, and blisters, and to determine if mold cavities are filled and rubber is completely vulcanized.

  • 8) Operates warming mill to prepare stock for calendering from which blanks are cut for use in cushion press.




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