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Job Description:

  • 1) Makes comparative studies in relations to distribution, origin, evolution, and races of humans, cultures they have created, and their distribution and physical characteristics: Gathers, analyzes, and reports data on human physique, social customs, and artifacts, such as weapons, tools, pottery, and clothing.

  • 2) May apply anthropological data and techniques to solution of problems in human relations in fields, such as industrial relations, race and ethnic relations, social work, political administration, education, public health, and programs involving transcultural or foreign relations.

  • 3) May specialize in application of anthropological concepts to current problems and be designated Applied Anthropologist.

  • 4) May specialize in study of relationships between language and culture and socialinguistic studies and be designated Anthropological Linguist; or in study of relationship between individual personality and culture and be designated Psychological Anthropologist; or in study of complex, industrialized societies and be designated Urban Anthropologist.




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