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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls furnace to relieve internal stresses in metal objects and to soften and refine grain structure: Reads production schedule to determine processing sequence and furnace temperatures for objects to be processed.

  • 2) Turns furnace controls and observes gauges to prepare furnace for annealing process.

  • 3) Charges objects directly onto furnace bed, or packs objects into section of furnace or tubes sealed with clay to prevent oxidation.

  • 4) Reduces heat and allows objects to cool in furnace, or removes objects from furnace to cool in open air.

  • 5) May operate continuous furnace through which objects are passed by means of reels and conveyors and be designated Continuous-Annealing Furnace Operator.

  • 6) May anneal wire and be designated Pot Annealer.




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End Of Job Description for: "ANNEALER"
DOT:   504.682-010

Job Number: 189