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Job Description:

  • 1) Repairs sheet and extruded metal structural parts of aircraft and missiles according to design specifications, using handtools and power tools and metalworking machinery: Reads design specifications or examines sample parts to determine fabrication procedures and machines and tools required.

  • 2) Removes rivets and other fasteners to facilitate removal of defective part, using power drill and punch, or cuts out defective part, using power shears, hacksaw, and file.

  • 3) Locates and marks dimension and reference lines on defective or replacement part, using templates, scribes, compass, and steel rule.

  • 4) Sets up and operates metal fabricating machines, such as saws, brakes, shears, drill press, and grinders, to repair defective part or fabricate new part.

  • 5) Reinstalls repaired or replacement parts for subsequent riveting or welding, using clamps and wrenches.

  • 6) Confers with other workers to expedite heat treating, anodizing, or other specified processing of repair parts.

  • 7) May signal crane operator to fit and align heavy parts.

  • 8) May stretch skin and panel sheets to remove surface tension, using sheet metal hand forming tools.




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