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Job Description:

  • 1) Installs and repairs automotive air-conditioning units: Bolts compressor to engine block and installs driving pulley on front end of crankshaft.

  • 2) Places fan belt on pulleys, adjusts tension, and tightens bolts.

  • 3) Bolts evaporator unit under dashboard or in trunk.

  • 4) Welds or bolts mounting brackets to automobile frame.

  • 5) Drills holes through interior panels, threads hoses through holes and connects hoses to compressor, evaporator, and cool-air outlet.

  • 6) Fills compressor with refrigerant and starts unit.

  • 7) Measures compressor pressure to determine efficiency of compressor, using gauge.

  • 8) Listens to operating unit for indications of malfunction.

  • 9) Removes faulty units from vehicles, disassembles them, and replaces worn and broken parts and fluid in unit.

  • 10) Makes electrical connections as required.

  • 11) May specialize in installation of automotive air-conditioning units and be designated Automotive Air-Conditioner Installer.




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End Of Job Description for: "AIR-CONDITIONING MECHANIC"
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Job Number: 100