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Job Description:

  • 1) Compiles and maintains records of business transactions and office activities of establishment, performing variety of following or similar clerical duties and utilizing knowledge of systems or procedures: Copies data and compiles records and reports.

  • 2) Tabulates and posts data in record books.

  • 3) Computes wages, taxes, premiums, commissions, and payments.

  • 4) Records orders for merchandise or service.

  • 5) Gives information to and interviews customers, claimants, employees, and sales personnel.

  • 6) Receives, counts, and pays out cash.

  • 7) Prepares, issues, and sends out receipts, bills, policies, invoices, statements, and checks.

  • 8) Prepares stock inventory.

  • 9) Adjusts complaints.

  • 10) Operates office machines, such as typewriter, adding, calculating, and duplicating machines.

  • 11) Opens and routes incoming mail, answers correspondence, and prepares outgoing mail.

  • 12) May take dictation.

  • 13) May greet and assist visitors.

  • 14) May prepare payroll.

  • 15) May keep books.

  • 16) May purchase supplies.

  • 17) May operate computer terminal to input and retrieve data.

  • 18) May be designated according to field of activity or according to location of employment as Adjustment Clerk; Airport Clerk; Colliery Clerk; Death-Claim Clerk; Field Clerk.

  • 19) May be designated: Agency Clerk; Auction Clerk; Construction-Records Clerk; Shop Clerk.




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End Of Job Description for: "ADMINISTRATIVE CLERK"
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