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Job Description:

  • 1) Mounts acoustical tile to walls and ceilings of buildings to reduce reflection of sound and to decorate rooms: Measures and marks surface to lay out work, according to blueprints and drawings.

  • 2) Inspects furrings, mechanical mountings, and masonry surface for plumbness and level, using spirit or water level.

  • 3) Nails or screws molding to wall to support and seal joint between ceiling tile and wall.

  • 4) Scribes and cuts edges of tile to fit wall where wall molding is not specified.

  • 5) Mounts tiles, using any of following methods: Applies cement to back of tile and presses tile into place, aligning with layout marks and joints of previously laid tile.

  • 6) Nails channels or wood furring strips to surfaces to provide mounting for tile.

  • 7) Places building paper between tile and furring strip preparatory to application of butt-edge tile.

  • 8) Nails, screws, or staples tile to wooden furring strips.

  • 9) Hangs dry lines to wall molding to guide positioning of main runners.

  • 10) Drives hanger inserts into reinforced concrete ceiling, using power fastening tool, and suspends and bends hanger wires at points touching dry lines.

  • 11) Threads wires through holes in main runners, and cuts and attaches cross supports to suspended runners and wall molding, using snips, clips, and rivet gun.

  • 12) Cuts tiles for fixtures and borders, using keyhole saw, and inserts tiles into supporting framework.

  • 13) May wash concrete surfaces with washing soda and zinc sulfate solution before mounting tile to increase adhesive qualities of surfaces.




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