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Job Description:

  • 1) Assembles and installs acid-proof brick lining in metal tanks used for processing and storing of acid: Cleans inside of tank to remove foreign matter, such as rust, scale, and grease, using sandblasting equipment.

  • 2) Removes dust from tank lining, using gasoline dampened cloth.

  • 3) Applies specified coats of primer cement to lining of tank, using spray gun.

  • 4) Heats plastic sheet, using torch, to fuse plastic coating onto primer cement.

  • 5) Rolls sheet to ensure that inner surface of sheet is attached to primer cement, using hand roller.

  • 6) Tests plastic lining with electrostatic tester to ensure against defects, such as pin holes and cracks.

  • 7) Cuts bricks to specified shape to ensure against crystallizing of cement and seepage of acid into lining.

  • 8) Lays bricks over lining and applies specified coats of plastic cement.

  • 9) Fuses bricks to plastic lining, using torch and applies acid-proof cement to brick joints, using trowel.




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End Of Job Description for: "ACID-TANK LINER"
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Job Number: 43