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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends hydraulic press that molds synthetic abrasive disks, hones, and grinding wheels: Selects mold parts according to size and thickness of wheel desired, and assembles parts to form mold.

  • 2) Weighs out specified amounts of abrasive compound and adhesive or activates automatic hopper that dumps specified quantity of abrasive mix into pan, pours compound into mold on rotating turntable, and inserts bushings and hubnuts in center of mold to form wheel.

  • 3) Places top plate on mold, positions mold in press, and turns valves and levers to close press and start pressing cycle.

  • 4) Removes pressed wheels from mold and places wheels on bats for drying in kilns.

  • 5) May stamp or mark code numbers on pressed wheels.

  • 6) May mix grit, resin, and clay to form abrasive compound, using mixing machine.

  • 7) May be designated according to type of abrasive used as Diamond-Wheel Molder; Emery-Wheel Molder.




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