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  • 1) Teaches classes, presents lectures, conducts workshops, and participates in other activities to further educational program of museum, zoo, or similar institution: Plans course content and method of presentation, and prepares outline of material to be covered and submits it for approval.

  • 2) Selects and assembles materials to be used in teaching assignment, such as pieces of pottery or samples of plant life, and arranges use of audiovisual equipment or other teaching aids.

  • 3) Conducts classes for children in various scientific, history, or art subjects, utilizing museum displays to augment standard teaching methods and adapting course content and complexity to ages and interests of students.

  • 4) Teaches adult classes in such subjects as art, history, astronomy, or horticulture, using audiovisual aids, demonstration, or laboratory techniques appropriate to subject matter.

  • 5) Presents series of lectures on subjects related to institution collections, often incorporating films or slides into presentation.

  • 6) Conducts seminars or workshops for school system teachers or lay persons to demonstrate methods of using institution facilities and collections to enhance school programs or to enrich other activities.

  • 7) Conducts workshops or field trips for students or community groups and plans and directs activities associated with projects.

  • 8) Plans and presents vacation or weekend programs for elementary or preschool children, combining recreational activities with teaching methods geared to age groups.

  • 9) Conducts classes for academic credit in cooperation with area schools or universities.

  • 10) Teaches courses in museum work to participants in work-study programs.

  • 11) Works with adult leaders of youth groups to assist youths to earn merit badges or fulfill other group requirements.

  • 12) Maintains records of attendance.

  • 13) Evaluates success of courses, basing evaluation on number and enthusiasm of persons participating and recommends retaining or dropping course in future plans.

  • 14) When course is offered for academic credit, evaluates class member performances, administers tests, and issues grades in accordance with methods used by cooperating educational institution.


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