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Job Description:

  • 1) Verifies and keeps records on incoming and outgoing shipments and prepares items for shipment: Compares identifying information and counts, weighs, or measures items of incoming and outgoing shipments to verify information against bills of lading, invoices, orders, or other records.

  • 2) Determines method of shipment, utilizing knowledge of shipping procedures, routes, and rates.

  • 3) Affixes shipping labels on packed cartons or stencils identifying shipping information on cartons, using stenciling equipment.

  • 4) Assembles wooden or cardboard containers or selects preassembled containers.

  • 5) Inserts items into containers, using spacers, fillers, and protective padding.

  • 6) Nails covers on wooden crates and binds containers with metal tape, using strapping machine.

  • 7) Stamps, stencils, or glues identifying information and shipping instructions onto crates or containers.

  • 8) Posts weights and shipping charges, and affixes postage.

  • 9) Unpacks and examines incoming shipments, rejects damaged items, records shortages, and corresponds with shipper to rectify damages and shortages.

  • 10) Routes items to departments.

  • 11) Examines outgoing shipments to ensure shipments meet specifications.

  • 12) Maintains inventory of shipping materials and supplies.

  • 13) May operate tier-lift truck or use handtruck to move, convey, or hoist shipments from shipping-and-receiving platform to storage or work area.

  • 14) May direct others in preparing outgoing and receiving incoming shipments.

  • 15) May perform only shipping or receiving activities and be known as Shipping Clerk or Receiving Clerk.

  • 16) May be designated according to specialty as Freight Clerk; Reshipping Clerk.

  • 17) May receive damaged or defective goods returned to establishment and be designated Returned-Goods Receiving Clerk.

  • 18) May receive unsold products returned by DRIVER, SALES ROUTE and be designated Route Returner.




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