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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs secretarial duties in public or private school: Composes, or transcribes from rough draft, correspondence, bulletins, memorandums, and other material, using typewriter or computer.

  • 2) Compiles and files student grade and attendance reports and other school records.

  • 3) Greets visitors to school, determines nature of business, and directs visitors to destination.

  • 4) Talks with student encountering problem and resolves problem or directs student to other worker.

  • 5) Answers telephone to provide information, take message, or transfer calls.

  • 6) May order and dispense school supplies.

  • 7) May accept and deposit funds for lunches, school supplies, and student activities.

  • 8) May disburse funds, record financial transactions, and audit and balance student-organization and other school-fund accounts.

  • 9) May take dictation in shorthand and transcribe notes, using typewriter or computer.

  • 10) May maintain calendar of school events.

  • 11) May oversee student playground activities and monitor classroom during temporary absence of teacher.


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