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Job Description:

  • 1) Analyzes preliminary engineering-design concepts of major product, such as aircraft, naval vessel, or electronic communication or control system to recommend design or test methods for attaining customer-specified operational reliability, using knowledge of reliability engineering and other technologies: Analyzes preliminary plans and develops reliability engineering program to achieve customer reliability objectives.

  • 2) Analyzes projected product utilization and calculates cumulative effect on final system reliability of individual part reliabilities.

  • 3) Drafts failure mode and effect analysis sheets or formulates mathematical models, using computer-aided engineering equipment, to identify units posing excessive failure risks and support proposed changes in design.

  • 4) Enters data to simulate electrical inputs, transient conditions, temperature, stress, and other factors to develop computer models, and analyzes and adjusts design to predict and improve system reliability.

  • 5) Advises and confers with engineers in design review meetings to give reliability findings and recommendations.

  • 6) Determines units requiring environmental testing and specifies minimum number of samples to obtain statistically valid data.

  • 7) Reviews subcontractors' proposals for reliability program and submits evaluation for decision.

  • 8) Reviews engineering specifications and drawings, proposing design modifications to improve reliability within cost and other performance requirements.

  • 9) Observes conduct of tests at supplier, plant, or field locations to evaluate reliability factors, such as numbers and causes of unit failures.

  • 10) Monitors failure data generated by customer using product to ascertain potential requirement for product improvement.


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