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Job Description:

  • 1) Evaluates and tests new or modified software programs and software development procedures used to verify that programs function according to user requirements and conform to establishment guidelines: Writes, revises, and verifies quality standards and test procedures for program design and product evaluation to attain quality of software economically and efficiently.

  • 2) Reviews new or modified program, including documentation, diagram, and flow chart, to determine if program will perform according to user request and conform to guidelines.

  • 3) Recommends program improvements or corrections to programmers.

  • 4) Reviews computer operating log to identify program processing errors.

  • 5) Enters instructions into computer to test program for validity of results, accuracy, reliability, and conformance to establishment standards.

  • 6) Observes computer monitor screen during program test to detect error codes or interruption of program and corrects errors.

  • 7) Identifies differences between establishment standards and user applications and suggests modifications to conform to standards.

  • 8) Sets up tests at request of user to locate and correct program operating error following installation of program.

  • 9) Conducts compatibility tests with vendor-provided programs.

  • 10) Monitors program performance after implementation to prevent reoccurrence of program operating problems and ensure efficiency of operation.

  • 11) Writes documentation to describe program evaluation, testing, and correction.

  • 12) May evaluate proposed software or software enhancement for feasibility.

  • 13) May develop utility program to test, track, and verify defects in software program.

  • 14) May write programs to create new procedures or modify existing procedures.

  • 15) May train software program users.




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