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Job Description:

  • 1) Schedules and coordinates flow of work within or between departments of manufacturing plant to expedite production: Reviews master production schedule and work orders, establishes priorities for specific customer orders, and revises schedule according to work order specifications, established priorities, and availability or capability of workers, parts, material, machines, and equipment.

  • 2) Reschedules identical processes to eliminate duplicate machine setups.

  • 3) Distributes work orders to departments, denoting number, type, and proposed completion date of units to be produced.

  • 4) Confers with department supervisors to determine progress of work and to provide information on changes in processing methods received from methods or engineering departments.

  • 5) Compiles reports concerning progress of work and downtime due to failures of machines and equipment to apprise production planning personnel of production delays.

  • 6) Maintains inventory of materials and parts needed to complete production.

  • 7) May expedite material.

  • 8) May expedite production of spare parts and establish delivery dates for spare parts orders and be designated Spares Scheduler.

  • 9) May coordinate and expedite work in automobile repair and service establishment from control tower, using public address system, and be designated Work Coordinator, Tower Control.

  • 10) May use computer system to track and locate production units.




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