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Job Description:

  • 1) Packages materials and products manually, performing any combination of following duties: Cleans packaging containers.

  • 2) Lines and pads crates and assembles cartons.

  • 3) Obtains and sorts product.

  • 4) Wraps protective material around product.

  • 5) Starts, stops, and regulates speed of conveyor.

  • 6) Inserts or pours product into containers or fills containers from spout or chute.

  • 7) Weighs containers and adjusts quantity.

  • 8) Nails, glues, or closes and seals containers.

  • 9) Labels containers, container tags, or products.

  • 10) Sorts bundles or filled containers.

  • 11) Packs special arrangements or selections of product.

  • 12) Inspects materials, products, and containers at each step of packaging process.

  • 13) Records information, such as weight, time, and date packaged.

  • 14) May stack, separate, count, pack, wrap, and weigh bakery products and be designated Bakery Worker.

  • 15) May apply preservative to aircraft and spaceship parts, package parts for shipment, and be designated Wrapper and Preserver.

  • 16) May be designated according to whether high-production or small-lot packaging as Fancy Packer; Packaging-Line Attendant; specific packaging duty performed as filling, wrapping, packing, labeling, and container cleaning as Sack Sewer, Hand; kinds of equipment used or product packaged as Candle Wrapper; Carton Stapler; or whether packager performs associated duties as final assembly before packaging product as Novelty-Balloon Assembler And Packer.

  • 17) May weigh and package meat in retail store and be designated Meat Wrapper.

  • 18) May be designated: Bagger; Bow Maker, Gift Wrapping; Box Maker, Cardboard; Box Wrapper; Bundler; Candy Packer; Caser, Rolled Glass; Coil Strapper; Container Filler; Filler; Furniture Packer; Grader, Sausage And Wiener; Guncotton Packer; Inserter, Promotional Item; Inspector-Packager; Lidder; Mattress Packer; Packager, Meat; Packer, Dried Beef; Packer, Foamed-In-Place; Packer, Sausage And Wiener; Piece-Goods Packer; Scaler, Sliced Bacon; Sponge Packer; Stamper; Table Worker; Tube Packer; Wrapper; Wrapper, Hand; Wrapping Remover.

  • 19) Workers who tend packaging machines are classified under PACKAGER, MACHINE.


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