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Job Description:

  • 1) Instructs individuals and families in health education and disease prevention in community health agency: Visits homes to determine patient and family needs, develops plan to meet needs, and provides nursing services.

  • 2) Instructs family in care and rehabilitation of patient, and in maintenance of health and prevention of disease for family members.

  • 3) Gives treatments to patient following physician's instructions.

  • 4) Assists community members and health field personnel to assess, plan for, and provide needed health and related services.

  • 5) Refers patients with social and emotional problems to other community agencies for assistance.

  • 6) Teaches home nursing, maternal and child care, and other subjects related to individual and community welfare.

  • 7) Participates in programs to safeguard health of children, including child health conferences, school health, group instruction for parents, and immunization programs.

  • 8) Assists in preparation of special studies and in research programs.

  • 9) Directs treatment of patient by NURSE, LICENSED PRACTICAL and HOME ATTENDANT.

  • 10) Cooperates with families, community agencies, and medical personnel to arrange for convalescent and rehabilitative care of sick or injured persons.

  • 11) May specialize in one phase of community health nursing, such as clinical pediatrics or tuberculosis.




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