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Job Description:

  • 1) Drives truck or automobile over prescribed route to deliver newspapers to wholesale or retail newspaper dealers, or to bus, airline, or express stations for shipment: Loads newspapers onto vehicle.

  • 2) Reviews list of dealers, customers, or station drops for change in deliveries.

  • 3) Drives truck or automobile over prescribed route on city streets or rural roads.

  • 4) Delivers newspapers to dealers or individual subscribers at their homes or place of business, or to bus, airline, or express station for shipment.

  • 5) Keeps records of deliveries made.

  • 6) Collects receipts for deliveries to newsdealers.

  • 7) May pick up unsold newspapers and credit newsdealer's account.

  • 8) May collect payment for newspaper deliveries from customers.

  • 9) May keep records pertaining to driving expenses, such as mileage, oil, and gasoline.

  • 10) May stock newspapers in street sales rack, and collect coins from rack coin boxes.

  • 11) May distribute sales promotion material to customers with newspaper deliveries.

  • 12) May be designated according to publication delivered as Magazine-Delivery Driver.




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