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Job Description:

  • 1) Mines ore, coal, or rock in underground mine, performing any combination of following tasks in areas where high production equipment is limited by economic factors or natural formations: Cuts channel under working face to facilitate blasting, using pick, or by operating cutting machine.

  • 2) Operates mounted or unmounted power drill to bore blasting holes in working face.

  • 3) Charges and shoots explosives or air charges to blast down materials.

  • 4) Shovels shattered materials into mine cars or onto conveyor.

  • 5) Installs timbering, roof bolts, or cribs, to support walls and roof.

  • 6) Lays track to accommodate mine cars or track-mounted equipment.

  • 7) May mine rock in coal mine at contract price per ton or footage of advance and be designated Rock Contractor.

  • 8) May mine ore, coal, or rock, using pick and shovel, and be designated Miner, Pick.

  • 9) When digging passageways between rooms, may be designated Entry Miner.

  • 10) May do development work, such as opening up new passageways, air vents, auxiliary tunnels, rooms, and shafts to facilitate mining, and be designated Drift Miner; Raise Miner; Shaft Sinker; Stope Miner; Tunnel Miner.


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