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Job Description:

  • 1) Compiles and maintains material and parts inventory and status information to expedite movement of material and parts between production areas, according to predetermined production schedules and order priorities: Reads production schedules, inventory reports, and work orders to determine type and quantity of materials required, availability of stock, and order priority.

  • 2) Confers with department supervisors to determine overdue material and parts and to inform supervisors of material status.

  • 3) Locates and distributes materials to specified production areas, manually or using handcart, handtruck, or forklift.

  • 4) Records and maintains perpetual inventory of quantity and type of materials and parts received, stocked, and distributed, manually or using computer.

  • 5) Compiles and maintains records, such as material inventory records, production records, and timecards, manually or using computer.

  • 6) May direct INDUSTRIAL-TRUCK OPERATOR or MATERIAL HANDLER to expedite transfer of materials from stock area to production areas.

  • 7) May examine material received, verify part numbers, and check discrepancies, such as damaged or unmarked parts.

  • 8) May compare work ticket specifications to material used at work stations to verify appropriate assignment.

  • 9) May drive truck to outlying work areas to check status of orders or to deliver materials.


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