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Job Description:

  • 1) Stores, inventories, and issues or distributes bed and table linen and uniforms in establishments, such as hotels, hospitals, and clinics: Collects or receives and segregates, counts, and records number of items of soiled linen and uniforms for repair or laundry, and places items in containers.

  • 2) Examines laundered items to ensure cleanliness and serviceability.

  • 3) Stamps items with identifying marks.

  • 4) Stores laundered items on shelves, after verifying numbers and types of items.

  • 5) Counts and assembles laundered items on cart or linen truck, records amounts of linens and uniforms to fill requisitions, and transports carts to floors.

  • 6) Conducts monthly and yearly inventories to identify items for replacement.

  • 7) Keeps linen room in clean and orderly condition.

  • 8) May mend torn articles with needle and thread or sewing machine or send articles to SEWER, LINEN ROOM.


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