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Job Description:

  • 1) Occupies and oversees house to maintain order and security of property and conduct necessary business transactions during temporary absence of owner, renter, or other occupant: Monitors entrances to property and secures locks and other devices to prevent access of unauthorized persons.

  • 2) Answers telephone and doorbell, takes messages, and forwards information to employer as requested.

  • 3) Forwards or files mail.

  • 4) Pays current bills from designated funds and makes deposits to accounts as required.

  • 5) Cleans, vacuums, and dusts house, using vacuum cleaner and other housecleaning aids.

  • 6) Feeds and waters pets and takes ill pets to veterinarian for treatment.

  • 7) Inspects utilities, such as plumbing and air-conditioning, to detect problems requiring services of repairer and contacts repair establishment to arrange for necessary repairs.

  • 8) May care for swimming pool or grounds or perform other related duties.


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