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Job Description:

  • 1) Trains horses for riding, show, work, or racing: Feeds, exercises, grooms, and talks to horses to accustom them to human voice and contact.

  • 2) Talks to horses to calm and encourage them to follow lead, or standstill when hitched or groomed.

  • 3) Places tack or harness on horse to accustom horse to feel of equipment.

  • 4) Mounts and rides saddle horse to condition horse to respond to oral, spur, or rein command, according to knowledge of horse's temperament and riding technique.

  • 5) Hitches draft horse to wagon, sledge, or other horse drawn equipment and conditions horse to perform in single or multiple hitch, using rein and oral commands.

  • 6) Trains horses for show competition according to prescribed standards for gaits, form, manners, and performance, using knowledge of characteristics of different breeds and operating routines of horse shows.

  • 7) Retrains horses to break habits, such as kicking, bolting, and resisting bridling and grooming.

  • 8) Usually specializes in conditioning and developing horses of one breed only, or in training horses for one type of riding, driving, racing, or show activity.

  • 9) May train horses for racing, utilizing knowledge of training methods to plan training, according to peculiarities of each horse and instructs JOCKEY on how to handle specific horse during race and be designated Racehorse Trainer.

  • 10) May train horses or other equines to carry pack loads and work as part of pack train.

  • 11) May arrange for mating of stallions and mares, and assist mares during foaling.

  • 12) May train horses as independent operator and advise owners on purchase of horses.


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