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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up and operates jig grinding machine to locate and precision-grind holes and contours in metal objects, such as tool, die, and machine parts, on custom basis, analyzing blueprints and specifications and selecting tooling according to knowledge of jig grinding procedures: Studies blueprint, layout on workpiece, or written or oral specifications to visualize grinding to be done and plans sequence of operations.

  • 2) Computes and sketches hole and contour dimensions and locations in relation to base reference points and lines.

  • 3) Positions and secures workpiece on machine table, and turns handwheels to move table and workpiece to computed position under spindle center, verifying each step with dial indicator.

  • 4) Selects grinding wheel, grinding speeds, and feed rates for each operation according to knowledge of metal properties and abrasives, and mounts wheel on spindle.

  • 5) Moves controls and reads dials to set grinding speed, feed rate, spindle angle for taper grinding, diameter of planetary action, and limits of automatic reciprocating wheel feed.

  • 6) Dresses wheel manually or with preset dressing device.

  • 7) Moves controls to feed wheel into hole and against surface of workpiece.

  • 8) Verifies hole locations and dimensions for conformance to specifications, using measuring instruments, such as dial indicator, gauge blocks, and telescoping gauges.

  • 9) May be required to have experience with particular material, product, precision level, or with machine of particular type or trade name.


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