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Job Description:

  • 1) Inspects and grades milled, rough-sawed, or dimensional stock lumber according to standards: Examines lumber on table, moving belt, chain conveyor, or in racks for defects, such as knots, stains, decay, splits, faulty edges, pitch pockets, wormholes, and defective milling.

  • 2) Grades lumber, using caliper rule, to ensure specified dimensions.

  • 3) Marks lumber to indicate grade and processing instructions, using marker.

  • 4) Tallies pieces of lumber according to grade and board footage.

  • 5) May determine cuts to be made to obtain highest marketable value from material.

  • 6) May remove unsatisfactory pieces from conveyor or table and place pieces on stacks, in bins, or on carts.

  • 7) May scale board footage, using calibrated scale on lumber ruler, and record results.

  • 8) May be designated according to lumber graded as Flooring Grader; Green-Lumber Grader; or according to location of work as Dock Grader; Green-Chain Marker; Planer-Mill Grader.

  • 9) May review work of other graders and be designated Check Grader.

  • 10) May be designated: Dry-Lumber Grader; Milled-Lumber Grader; Puncher; Rough-Lumber Grader.


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