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Job Description:

  • 1) Supervises employees engaged in serving food in hospital, nursing home, school, or similar institutions, and in maintaining cleanliness of food service areas and equipment: Trains workers in performance of duties.

  • 2) Assigns and coordinates work of employees to promote efficiency of operations.

  • 3) Supervises serving of meals.

  • 4) Inspects kitchen and dining areas and kitchen utensils and equipment to ensure sanitary standards are met.

  • 5) Keeps records, such as amount and cost of meals served and hours worked by employees.

  • 6) Requisitions and inspects foodstuffs, supplies, and equipment to maintain stock levels and ensure standards of quality are met.

  • 7) Prepares work schedules and evaluates work performance of employees.

  • 8) May direct preparation of foods and beverages.

  • 9) May assist DIETITIAN, CLINICAL in planning menus.

  • 10) May interview, select, or hire new employees.

  • 11) When supervising workers engaged in tray assembly, may be designated Tray-Line Supervisor.




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