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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following tasks to trap and spawn game fish, incubate eggs, and rear fry in fish hatchery: Secures net on both banks of river to divert fish to holding pond.

  • 2) Catches ripened fish from holding pond with hand net and squeezes or slits bellies of female fish to release eggs in pail.

  • 3) Squeezes bellies of male fish to force milt over eggs, and stirs with rubber-gloved hand to fertilize eggs.

  • 4) Fills hatchery trays with fertilized eggs and places trays in incubation troughs.

  • 5) Turns valves and places baffles in troughs to adjust volume, depth, velocity, and temperature of water.

  • 6) Inspects eggs and picks out dead, infertile, and off-color eggs, using suction syringe.

  • 7) Sorts fish according to size, coloring, and species and transfers fingerlings to rearing ponds or tanks, using buckets or tank truck.

  • 8) Scatters food over surface of water by hand or activates blower that automatically scatters food over water to feed fish.

  • 9) Observes appearance and actions of developing fish to detect diseases, and adds medications to food and water as instructed by superior.

  • 10) Transfers mature fish to rivers and lakes, using tank truck.

  • 11) Records field data and prepares reports of hatchery activities.

  • 12) Drains and cleans ponds and troughs, using brushes, chemicals, and water.

  • 13) Makes minor repairs to hatchery equipment, paints buildings, and maintains grounds.

  • 14) May spawn and rear food fish or tropical and exotic fish for commercial use.

  • 15) May mark migrating fish with liquid nitrogen, using hand-operated branding device.


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