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Job Description:

  • 1) Installs and repairs electronic equipment, such as computer, radar, missile-control, avionics, and communication systems, in field installations: Consults with customer or supervisor to plan layout of equipment.

  • 2) Studies blueprints, schematics, manuals, and other specifications to determine installation procedures.

  • 3) Installs or oversees installation of equipment according to manufacturer's specifications.

  • 4) Operates system to demonstrate equipment and to analyze malfunctions.

  • 5) Interprets maintenance manuals, schematics, and wiring diagrams, and repairs equipment, utilizing knowledge of electronics and using standard test instruments and handtools.

  • 6) Instructs and directs workers in servicing and repairing equipment.

  • 7) Consults with engineering personnel to resolve unusual problems in system operation and maintenance.

  • 8) May instruct workers in electronic theory.

  • 9) May supervise workers in testing, tuning, and adjusting equipment to obtain optimum operating performance.

  • 10) May advise management regarding customer satisfaction, product performance, and suggestions for product improvements.


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