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Job Description:

  • 1) Administers first-aid treatment to and transports sick or injured persons to medical facility, working as member of emergency medical team: Responds to instructions from emergency medical dispatcher and drives specially equipped emergency vehicle to specified location.

  • 2) Monitors communication equipment to maintain contact with dispatcher.

  • 3) Removes or assists in removal of victims from scene of accident or catastrophe.

  • 4) Determines nature and extent of illness or injury, or magnitude of catastrophe, to establish first aid procedures to be followed or need for additional assistance, basing decisions on statements of persons involved, examination of victim or victims, and knowledge of emergency medical practice.

  • 5) Administers prescribed first-aid treatment at site of emergency, or in specially equipped vehicle, performing such activities as application of splints, administration of oxygen or intravenous injections, treatment of minor wounds or abrasions, or administration of artificial resuscitation.

  • 6) Communicates with professional medical personnel at emergency treatment facility to obtain instructions regarding further treatment and to arrange for reception of victims at treatment facility.

  • 7) Assists in removal of victims from vehicle and transfer of victims to treatment center.

  • 8) Assists treatment center admitting personnel to obtain and record information related to victims' vital statistics and circumstances of emergency.

  • 9) Maintains vehicles and medical and communication equipment and replenishes first-aid equipment and supplies.

  • 10) May assist in controlling crowds, protecting valuables, or performing other duties at scene of catastrophe.

  • 11) May assist professional medical personnel in emergency treatment administered at medical facility.




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