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Job Description:

  • 1) Assembles and tests electric motor and generator stators, armatures, or rotors: Inspects cores for defects and aligns laminations, using hammer and drift.

  • 2) Files burrs from core slots, using hand file, portable power file, and scraper.

  • 3) Lines slots with sheet insulation and inserts coils into slots.

  • 4) Cuts, strips, and bends wire leads at ends of coils, using pliers and wire scrapers.

  • 5) Twists leads together to connect coils.

  • 6) Taps coil and end windings to shape, using hammer and fiber block.

  • 7) Tests windings for motor-housing clearance, grounds, and short circuits, using clearance gauge, growler, spring-steel blade, telephone receiver, insulation tester, and resistance bridge.

  • 8) Winds new coils on armatures, stators, or rotors of used motors and generators.

  • 9) May rewind defective coils.

  • 10) May be designated according to motor part wound as Armature Winder; Rotor Winder; Stator Winder.


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