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Job Description:

  • 1) Tests completed motor vehicle engines prior to mounting in chassis, using conventional or computerized dynamometer, and adjusts and repairs engines to ensure performance conforms to specifications: Lifts engine onto stand, using hoist, and aligns and bolts engine in place.

  • 2) Bolts coupling to dynamometer and engine shaft and attaches fuel and coolant lines, using handtools.

  • 3) Starts engine to drive dynamometer.

  • 4) Reads gauges on instrument panel to determine that power developed at specified speeds, timing, and other engine specifications meet standards.

  • 5) Screws gauge into spark plug opening of successive cylinders while engine is running to verify compression ratios.

  • 6) Reverses drive by cutting off engine and moving switches, causing dynamometer to drive engine.

  • 7) Reads gauges to determine power necessary to turn engine.

  • 8) Adjusts carburetor, sets clearances between tappets and valves, and regulates timing, using feeler gauge, timing light, and handtools.

  • 9) Listens for internal noise, such as piston slap, knocks, taps, and gear noises that indicate irregularities in engine operation, using stethoscope-like instrument, and determines location and cause of malfunctions.

  • 10) Repairs or replaces carburetor, spark plugs, and fuel pump, or fills out report for repairs involving disassembly of engine.

  • 11) May test engine mounted on chassis and be designated Dynamometer Tester, Chassis.




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