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Job Description:

  • 1) Captures and impounds unlicensed, stray, and uncontrolled animals: Snares animal with net, rope, or device.

  • 2) Cages or secures animal in truck.

  • 3) Drives truck to shelter.

  • 4) Removes animal from truck to shelter cage or other enclosure.

  • 5) Supplies food, water, and personal care to detained animals.

  • 6) Investigates complaints of animal bite cases.

  • 7) Destroys rabid animals as directed.

  • 8) Examines dog licenses for validity and issues warnings or summonses to delinquent owners.

  • 9) May destroy unclaimed animals, using gun, or by gas or electrocution.

  • 10) May examine captured animals for injuries and deliver injured animals to VETERINARIAN for medical treatment.

  • 11) May maintain file of number of animals impounded and disposition of each.

  • 12) May enforce regulations concerning treatment of domestic animals and be designated Humane Officer.


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