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Job Description:

  • 1) Investigates customer complaints concerning gas leakage or low pressure, and abnormal consumption of gas or electricity by gas and electric appliances: Ascertains number and type of appliances used on premises to determine rate of utility consumption.

  • 2) Turns off appliances and observes gas or electric meter to detect power leakage.

  • 3) Examines meter and appliance connections for defects, such as shorts, grounds, and loose pipe joints to determine power loss or gas leakage.

  • 4) Covers gas pipe joints with soapsuds and watches for bubble formation to determine position of leak.

  • 5) Performs repairs and adjustments, such as cleaning and regulating gas burner jets, and replacing defective meters and gas regulators, using handtools.

  • 6) Shuts off service and notifies repair crew of major repairs required, such as replacement of underground pipes or electric wiring.

  • 7) May perform emergency repairs to gas service pipes between gas main and building.

  • 8) May collect delinquent accounts.

  • 9) May recommend and write specifications for distribution changes, such as house wiring, and relocation of poles or service lines, utilizing necessary right-of-way grants.

  • 10) May investigate illegal use of gas or electricity.




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