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Job Description:

  • 1) Provides financial counseling to individuals in debt: Confers with client to ascertain available monthly income after living expenses to meet credit obligations.

  • 2) Calculates amount of debt and funds available to plan method of payoff and estimate time for debt liquidation.

  • 3) Contacts creditors to explain client's financial situation and to arrange for payment adjustments so that payments are feasible for client and agreeable to creditors.

  • 4) Establishes payment priorities to reduce client's overall costs by liquidating high-interest, short-term loans or contracts first.

  • 5) Opens account for client and disburses funds from account to creditors as agent for client.

  • 6) Keeps records of account activity.

  • 7) May counsel client on personal and family financial problems, such as excessive spending and borrowing of funds, and be designated Budget Consultant.

  • 8) May be required to be licensed by state agency.


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