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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up and operates battery of machines to produce quilted and laminated padding from batting: Places rolls of batting and burlap base in feed holders of machine.

  • 2) Aligns and threads ends of material through machine.

  • 3) Turns handwheels to heat calender roll.

  • 4) Threads needles of quilting machine that binds batting to base to form padding.

  • 5) Turns air valve that activates stationary spray gun to spray binder to surface of padding.

  • 6) Aligns end of second roll of batting to sprayed surface under pressure roll to form laminated padding.

  • 7) Turns handwheels to position circular knives that trim padding to specified width.

  • 8) Turns knobs to adjust electric eye controlled mechanism which automatically cuts padding to specified length, drops on layer of gauze, and cuts and laps gauze over pads.

  • 9) Starts spray gun that sizes pad to hold covering in place.

  • 10) Turns knobs to synchronize speed of machine and starts machine.

  • 11) Replaces broken needles.

  • 12) Fills tanks with specified size.

  • 13) Places rolls of narrow reinforcing batting in holder and guides under needles when specified.

  • 14) Sews together burlap and gauze, and laps together batting to form continuous roll.




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