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Job Description:

  • 1) Compiles attendance records for school district, issues attendance permits, and answers inquiries: Obtains district attendance figures from each school daily, using telephone.

  • 2) Records figures by grade level and for special classes, such as mentally retarded or gifted, in workbook.

  • 3) Totals figures, using calculator.

  • 4) Collates data and prepares standard state reports, using typewriter.

  • 5) Computes average daily attendance figures and forwards to state for compensation and to school cafeteria for meal planning.

  • 6) Interviews applicants for interdistrict attendance permits to attend elementary and secondary schools in district and issues permits, if requirements are met.

  • 7) Sends copy of permit to applicable school and retains file copy.

  • 8) Maintains file of interdistrict attendance agreements, bills outside districts for attendance within district, and notifies supervisor of agreement expirations.

  • 9) Answers inquiries from parents and school officials, using state education code as guide.

  • 10) Prepares special reports, such as ethnic or racial-distribution surveys, requested by state or district education officials.


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