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Job Description:

  • 1) Administers school student personnel program in primary or secondary school, and counsels and disciplines students, performing any combination of following tasks: Formulates student personnel policies, such as code of ethics.

  • 2) Plans and supervises school student activity programs.

  • 3) Gives individual and group guidance for personal problems, educational and vocational objectives, and social and recreational activities.

  • 4) Talks with and disciplines students in cases of attendance and behavior problems.

  • 5) Supervises students in attendance at assemblies and athletic events.

  • 6) Walks about school building and property to monitor safety and security or directs and coordinates teacher supervision of areas such as halls and cafeteria.

  • 7) Observes and evaluates teacher performance.

  • 8) Maintains records of student attendance.

  • 9) Arranges for and oversees substitute teachers.

  • 10) Works with administrators to coordinate and supervise student teachers program.

  • 11) Teaches courses.

  • 12) Assists PRINCIPAL to interview and hire teachers.

  • 13) Organizes and administers in-service teacher training.

  • 14) Acts as PRINCIPAL in absence of PRINCIPAL.

  • 15) May be required to have certification from state.


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